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داستان فیلم آهنگ متال Sound of Metal - زندگی یک درامر هوی متال زمانی که شروع به از دست دادن شنوایی خود می کند به سقوط آزاد می افتد.

Keeping at bay his inner demons by devoting himself to art, metal drummer, Ruben, has been living for the moment for the past four years. Then, while on tour with his lead-singer/girlfriend, Lou, Ruben realises that his hearing is rapidly deteriorating. As this sudden hearing loss turns his world upside down, and numbing fear paired with angry denial take over, Ruben reluctantly accepts to join a small deaf community overseen by Joe, a compassionate Vietnam War veteran. Now, Ruben needs to find some solid ground, understand that being deaf is not a handicap and that deafness isn't something to fix. But, is Ruben willing to accept his new life and learn how to be deaf?
کارگردان: Darius Marder
ستارگان: Riz Ahmed | Paul Raci | Olivia Cooke

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BRRip 720p
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